Empower Your Chronic Illness Patients
Empower your patients with seamless access to specialty and hard-to-find medications, and provide peace of mind knowing that Ace will keep you informed of any drug shortages and out-of-stocks.

With our easy coordination of requests and direct communication with our knowledgeable pharmacists, choosing Ace is the smart choice for your practice and your patients.、
Patient Benefits
Access To Specialty And
Hard-to-find Medications
Patients can easily find and receive the medications they need, even if they are specialty or difficult to obtain.
Up-To-Date Information
On Out-Of-Stocks
Patients will never have to worry about medication availability, as Ace keeps them informed on any drug shortages or out-of-stocks.
Direct Communication
With Pharmacists
Patients have the opportunity to chat directly with pharmacists and get their questions answered, ensuring they receive the best care and support.
We Cater To All Conditions
Learn more about the specialised conditions we support and help manage.
Practice Benefits
Ace’s online platform offers numerous benefits to a doctor’s clinical practice. With the ability to access specialty and hard-to-find medications, doctors can provide their patients with the care they need.

Additionally, doctors can stay informed on any drug shortages or out-of-stocks, ensuring their patients receive the medications they need.
E-Prescribe to Ace
Our experienced team will contact the patient and take care of the rest.
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